‘Reyn #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Reyn #2 is upon us, releasing this Wednesday, February 18, from Image Comics, and the ass kicking continues.  For those unfamiliar with the series, Reyn, written by Kel Symons and drawn by Nate Stockman, follows the title character, a warrior, tasked with protecting the land of Fate from the relentless forces of darkness.  It’s a clever fantasy story with a spaghetti western sensibility, and, true to form, this issue starts off with a massive, 9-page bar brawl. 

This installment keeps the pace set in the inaugural issue, fast, fun, and filled with high adventure.  From a prison mining camp to a desert filled with giant, carnivorous insects, Symons and Stockman continue upping the stakes.  The writing is deft, telling a story which is simultaneously weighty, yet still humorous and fun.  Stockman’s art remains consistently strong, giving us a world somewhere between Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Andalusia Region in Spain.  His layouts and panel composition are extremely powerful, delivering both action and humor to great effect.    

Combing a magnificent creative team with a delightfully unique concept, Reyn continues to be another fantastic book from Image Comics. 

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Sam Rhodes

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