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Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream

The world is a weird place, and it only gets weirder in the future, which is why someone like Dr. 2, a masked physician and master of acupuncture, is sought after for his ability to solve otherwise unsolvable crimes.

Nothing like a good existential crisis to get you going in the morning. While Lilly (Lola Binkerd) is concerned about paying the rent, her roommate Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who thinks she's a superhero, is more concerned with her other job. The one that involves beating up people and not getting paid.


It's time to get back to work. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is back from its hiatus and starts the second half of the series by throwing Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who still believes she's the alien superhero Trinity Infinity, into her day job. Cue hijinks.


Was there any doubt that the combination of Adventure Time and Paul Tobin and Collen Coover would be a good match? The Flip Side is the latest Adventure Time comic miniseries from KaBoom! After Finn is diagnosed with “quest deficiency,” Finn, Jake, and BMO head out in search of adventure but are about to learn you need to watch which quests you agree to complete.

In the world of Potara, the ancient Greek and Egyptian societies lived on, evolving and developing new technologies based around the energies of the universe. Some special individuals are even able to wield these energies with the power of their minds alone. They are The Gifted. A child of prophecy is promised to accomplish great things for Potara. Fortunately, he was found, a young boy named Leoros from another world, the planet Earth. Unfortunately, after being trained, he followed a powerful enemy back to Earth and was trapped there upon defeating him.

Some folks don't let anything go to waste. After the zombie apocalypse ruined much of the world, the Safe Zones became the only places people could live. And, that's when they discovered that there was one good thing about the zombies: their blood is a miracle liquid. Exactly what the blood is good for varies on the quality of the zombie, how fresh it is, and the age it was when it turned. Oh, and how well fed it is. That's why there are zombie ranches, places where zombies are corralled and fed until they're in the shape most worth harvesting. It's a grim and messy job, but someone's got to do it. That someone is Susannah “Suzie” Zane, owner of the Z Ranch. When Suzie accepts a deal to film a reality TV show based on the ranch and her workers, her job is about to get a whole lot tougher.

In many ways, Rocky Mountain Fire Lizard is a traditional fantasy quest story set against the backdrop of the American west in 1875. After a dragon flies through and destroys part of a Colorado settlement, a bounty is placed on its head. One of the many affected by the dragon's arrival, a boy named Jeb takes up his father's sabre and heads off to slay the dragon and protect the town.

If you came looking for angst and drama, this is not the Star Wars comic series you are looking for. Sure, there's some here and there, but ultimately, Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is a tongue-in-cheek epic that has more in common with a show like Leverage than it does the original trilogy. Set several thousand years before to the backdrop of the Mandalorian Wars and before the events of the Knights of the Old Republic video games, we're introduced to Zayne Carrick, a former Jedi padawan on the run after several masters killed their students and pinned it on him. Oh, and Zayne is the biggest screw-up this side of Endor, who would have flunked the Knight trials had he been allowed to take them.

Holy cat fights, Batman! The third episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy, the web series about a woman, Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who believes she is the superhero Trinity Infinity, focuses on Paul's (David Dickerson) roommate and ex-girlfriend, Morgan (Megan Alyse). Although the closest thing to an antagonist thus far for the series, I still feel more sorry for her than rooting against her. I think there's a missed opportunity to show what Morgan did to put Lilly and Paul so much on the defensive. From my perspective as a viewer, it seems like Morgan is looking for any excuse to interact with them. This is possibly a strategy to get close to Paul again, or maybe she's just lonely.

After the Plague of 2020, society changed. Advancements in genetic engineering made it possible for gay and lesbian couples to conceive children, and, slowly, straight folks or “breeders” became abnormal, being thought of as perverse. Over a century since the plague, Gavin Preston just wants to be at his pregnant husband Richard's side, but when he's swept up in the straight cause and accused of being a terrorist, the only way to clear his name is to help change society's way of thinking.

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