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‘Joyride #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review (Best Day Ever)

Best. Comic. Ever. Joyride is a fantastic ride that couldn’t follow up on its first issue any better. Every element and theme I wanted to make a return did, and the character and world development I wanted to see was the meat at the center of this excellent second issue.

Joyride #2 picks up in media res as Uma, Dewydd, and Catrin find themselves in an alien market….five seconds after Uma stole something. Issue #1 focused heavily on the Triumvirate, the rules of their Earth, and the interactions between our three main characters. Issue #2 takes a different tactic and splits our trio up to focus on each of their own stories.

Uma, as the charismatic confident lead, didn’t undergo any character development but served as our main vehicle to learn about the universe of Joyride and its alien inhabitants, many of which have a lot more going for them than a bumpy prosthetic forehead. Catrin’s struggles being separated from the Triumvirate are frightening. Our once-upon-a-time soldier being forced into a life she didn’t want and doesn’t know how to adapt to. And then there’s Dewydd who stole the show. Dewydd’s self-confidence issues, his desire to impress Uma, and his intention to be everything he wasn’t at Systech are a focus while he tries to navigate this alien world, and his struggles are heart-breaking. Catrin’s presence doesn’t help as she reminds Dewydd of his previous service as a member of Systech and commitment to his family, when all he wants is to be free and own a cool jacket.

No surprise, artists Marcus To and colorist Irma Knivila drew a gorgeous book. I adore the quirky aesthetic and the bright colors of this series. It screams fun from the first page and makes the most of the medium. The colors are a theme at the heart of this series: the purple of an alien dive bar, the blue of the local police, and the absence of color: black, the moment that you know things have gone really bad.

And if you were hoping our dystopian Earth was still in the picture, you’re in luck. This is one story that’s just getting started.

Joyride #2 is available Wednesday, May 25th. Check the series out in your local comic store and on ComiXology. Want to see what the series is like? A 5-page preview is available on Comic Book Resources.

5 Blindingly “Beautiful” Dewydds out of 5


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