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Favorite Comic Book SeriesAtomic Robo
Favorite D&D Class:  Wizard
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies N' Cream


Mouse Guard Black Axe 6It's been a long time coming, but this chapter in the saga of The Black Axe is finally coming to a close. For anyone not familiar, Mouse Guard takes place in a world where the towns and cities of mice band together for survival under the protection of the Mouse Guard. The Guard patrol the borders, ward off predators like foxes, snakes, and hawks, and solve problems. Among the mouse Territories, there is a legend about an immortal warrior known as The Black Axe, whose name is derived from the weapon he wields. This series finally delivers the full story behind the infamous weapon and warrior.


Borderlands 4One by one, we've seen the stories for each of the four characters from the original Borderlands, and now we arrive at the origin of the master of melee, the solidly built berserker, Brick.


Adventures of Superhero Girl USEAdventures of Superhero Girl. The name alone sounds like a parody, right? It's actually a lighthearted story that uses the superhero genre as a gigantic metaphor for life. Superhero Girl is a superhero who has just moved into a new city and has to combat not only the local supervillain element, but the difficulties of job seeking, boy troubles, and a host of other real life problems.



The End Times 2The Ends Times of Bram and Ben follows Bram Carlson, a complete bastard taken accidentally by Heaven during the Rapture and then sent back to Earth. Now that he has firsthand knowledge that the world is going to end, Bram is milking life for all it's worth while his roommate, Ben, is terrified of the prospect of an eternity in Hell and is trying to shape up his life and repent before the end.


Atomic Robo KissLove is in the air at Fanboy Comics!  In this magical month of romance and enchantment, the FBC Staff and Contributors decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.  In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, a few members of the Fanboy Comics crew will be sharing their very personal "Love Letters" with our readers, addressed to the ones that they adore the most. 

Dear Robo,

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you back in 1926, when you blew up several blocks of New York in an attempt to kill H.P. Lovecraft. (To be fair, the good writer wasn't quite himself that day.) You were young then and brash but also heroic, clever, and dangerous. From there I had to know more about this daring man with nerves, and armor plating, of steel, so I started to catch up on all of your adventures and published works. As I devoured each new tale, my affection for you grew only stronger as I found more and more qualities to love.


SW Omnibus InifinitiesDestiny is a fickle thing. One little change can have a rippling effect throughout the course of history, changing dozens of details little by little. This is the premise behind the Star Wars: Infinities comics, which take a little change in each of the three original trilogy movies and show the repercussions that extend from it.


Mortifera 2The demon Kanisus has returned and has slain the Mortifera and recaptured the demons' blood so he can raise a new army. The only ones who stand in his way are the two surviving Mortifera, Catherine and Ethan Gregor, and the demon they summoned to assist them in their fight, Durin.

I previously reviewed Issue #1, which can be found here.


Geek LoveGeek Love, it's a beautiful thing and so difficult to find as not everyone lucks out with a chance meeting at a convention that blossoms into romance. Ryan Glitch's sci-fi speed dating presents a new opportunity to meet fellow convention-attending geeks in the hopes of finding someone to connect with. Following on the heels of the Geek Love one-hour special in 2012, the new web series of Geek Love features nine 10-minute episodes that focus on a particular geek as she or he gives sci-fi speed dating a try.


Being EmilyI first picked up Being Emily because I was told it was a Young Adult novel featuring a trans* character who found an escape through playing video games, specifically World of Warcraft (WoW). That statement was not entirely accurate. WoW is featured in the book, but it's hardly what I would call a focus; however, this book does lead into a couple of things I figured I could take about. Bear with me, this article is going to be less nerdy than most, as I dive into a discussion about Being Emily, Trans* Young Adult fiction, and the value of escapism in games.


Borderlands 3This four-issue miniseries has been telling stories from the pasts of the four playable characters from the original Borderlands. The first issue focused on the Soldier, Roland, which I thought was fantastic and is really worth checking out, especially since it's free on Comixology. The second issue was all about the Siren, Lilith, and had some bloody fantastic moments, including a speech I loved, and some lackluster ones, such as her actual “origin.” Now, in Issue #3 we arrive at a story of the hawk-loving Hunter, Mordecai.

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