‘TMNT: Mutanimals #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Last week was a rough one, Turtle fans. If you've been keeping up with the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle storyline, you'll understand it when I say that my heart is with my pizza-loving brothers and their friends. They suffered a tough loss, but he will NEVER be forgotten . . .

In the meantime, let's take a bit of a breather to talk about this month's Mutanimals #2 comic book. If we recall from last month, our gaggle of mutants set off on a rescue mission to save Lindsay after being kidnapped by her ex-girlfriend. Hob quickly learned that Lindsay had been scouted for anther job offer, but he knew there was more to this "mutant research" she was being told about.

This time, Hob is desperate to discover the truth behind the mysterious Null and her evil “mutagen” company, and he’ll stop at NOTHING to save every last mutant still alive! But, with his fellow Mutanimals wanting to take a more righteous route, Hob is losing his sanity to lead. And, when he leads the Mutanimals directly into Null’s trap, it’s up to Slash and Mondo Gecko to save their friends.

Kudos to Paul Allor for another hilarious issue! I’m not only enjoying this Mutanimals storyline, but I’m also laughing my butt off. Mutagen Man—excuse me—Seymour Guts, is a fantastic addition to Hob’s team, and his big heart makes me want to see more of him in the future. Which reminds me that artist Andy Kuhn has drawn some amazing, new creatures for this mini-series, and I look forward to more issues from this tubular duo!

I also can’t wait for Slash and Mondo to be the good guys they’ve always wanted to be! This is their big chance, and I’m sure Mutanimals #3 will be everything a mutant fan could hope for . . .

See you next month!

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