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’13 Coins #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

“Man did not start the war between good and evil.  But, he was the cause.”
“Following his creation of man, God selected a number of his most precious angels to keep vigil over the earth.”
“They were know as the Watchers.  His most elite warriors.  The greatest fighters Heaven and Earth had ever seen.”

Take one of the most talented artists working in comics today.  Add in a pair of video game writers known for their tight and driven action stories.  Give them a tapestry that encompasses the entire history of mankind and an epic battle of good and evil.  Let them have fun.

You might get 13 Coins out of it. 

The digital debut from first-time publisher Corinthian, this 6-part series takes a decidedly modern, action-packed take on the battle between good and evil, with equal portions of celestial angst and video game fire and brimstone.

Writers Brennan and Jackson start the action with a bang, detailing the fall from Heaven of the Rebel Angels and outlines the plot they formulate to bring about the release of their captured leader and scourge the earth of God’s favored creation, Man.  Flash forward a hundred or so centuries, and we’re caught up on the edge of the final battle, as Heaven’s forces are faltering and need to call in reinforcements.

Enter John Pozner, a once-promising athlete turned ex-con and struggling not only to keep out of trouble, but to make sense of the nightmares tormenting him, unaware that he is descended from angels and the living key to the final defense against the encroaching darkness of the Fallen. 

Wile the story rocks with its own primal energy, the title won a huge coup in getting veteran illustrator Simon Beasley to pen the story.  Dripping with violent emotion and a powerful, kinetic rhythm that compels the reader on, each page practically hums with energy.  The violence of the opening battle depicting the fall highlights from the very opening pages the sense that in this story, even the good might be very bad. 

A fine opening issue to the first six-issue arc, Brennan and Jackson are already working on the next chapters in the story.  Check it out.  This promises to be very intriguing and exciting.

“If you could explain the origin of every evil, every legend, every horror man has ever known . . . would you want to know?” – Samuel Goodwin

VERDICT:    FOUR Bloody Swords of Retribution out of FIVE

Tony Caballero, Fanbase Press Contributor



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