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‘Killer of Men:’ Graphic Novel Review

“I work alone now.  As it should be. “
“No partners.”
“No women.”
“Just death.”

Killer of Men

Killer of Men tells the story of Abriam, a former marine/mercenary seeking to exorcise the ghosts of his war days’ misdeeds by working as The Hitman, a private contract killer.  His latest assignment: take out Klaus, a mob boss in Vegas, and ease his troubled conscience.   

But, nothing is ever that simple, and when dealing with amoral characters, knowing who you can trust is sometimes the most dangerous thing to know.

Filled with page after page of bloody deaths, Killer of Men has the same giddy, gleeful violence as the classic ’80s vigilante films and a body count to match.  It’s that same sort of thing when the VHS tape leapt off the shelves into your hands and screamed, “Yes, I’m trashy, but watch me!”  Not that this is trashy, but it has the same morality, and that’s a very good thing when it comes to this story.

After tours in Iraq in which he committed heinous deeds, Abriam now seeks redemption for his guilty crimes by killing only the most evil of men.  Contracted by his handler, Jonathan, and tracked by two FBI agents from New York, Abriam goes to Vegas and works his bloody way up the food chain.  But, as he goes higher, he realizes that the demons of the past are as deadly as the dangers in his present.  To tell more would only dilute the popcorn-munching good surprises in this four-chapter saga.

The story moves like a crazy, gunpowder-fueled pinball game, pinging from one gun battle to the next, with bodies piling up like kindling each time Abriam leaves a place.  Even the minor characters shine, particularly the latex-clad, gas mask-wearing snitch Pennington, who deserves his backstory told in its own macabre volume.  And, Abriam’s battle with Klaus’ bodyguard, Disilva, is classic in its resolution.  You can almost hear Stallone or van Damme uttering its tagline in your head as you read. 

Overall, it’s not deep, but the ride is fast and fun and guiltily enjoyable, so pick it up and grab the popcorn.

VERDICT:    FOUR Trauma-Haunted Pasts out of FIVE

Tony Caballero, Fanbase Press Contributor



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