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‘Ghost Town #1:’ Comic Book Review


Ghost Town 1Continuing with their mature readers label, Action Lab Comics has released what is sure to be THE tentpole summer movie of 2018 with their newest title, Ghost Town.

In June of 2014, while working in secret under the Painted Desert of Arizona, a group of scientists succeeds in their attempts to displace an object in time.  But, their triumph is short-lived as shortly thereafter, terrorists assault the compound and steal the technology.

Calling themselves the American Reclamation Front, this Tea Party group on steroids demands the withdrawal of all troops from foreign territories and immediate resignation of the President.  If these demands are not met, they will transport nuclear devices into two cities in the near future and detonate them. 

Yes, they have weaponized time travel and plan to destroy Washington, D.C., turning it into a nuclear ghost town.  And, the only hope for a solution lies with a man in a coma.

Along with their releases of The Trip and Ehmm Theory, Action Lab Comics is claiming bold ground in the mature comics field right now.  In the shadow of Fox News and its Right-Wing chorus of ignorant banshees, Ghost Town carries a terrifying relevancy that is absent in many other titles currently being published.  Created by Rob Ruddell and Dave Dwonch, this first issue by Dwonch and artist Justin Greenwood taps into all the paranoia that comes from the thought of an insane group of misguided fanatics given an unstoppable power and the desperate and costly attempts to stop them.

From its gripping opening to the chilling climax as agents attempt to track down the devices, Greenwood’s art is filled with action and color and shadow that highlights the desperation and conviction of the two sides of this story, with his deceptively simple layouts leading the reader deeper into the possibly doomed future of 2016 with its chilling coda.

This is the first of four issues for this storyline, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see its studio acquisition listed in the trades in the near future.




Tony Caballero, Fanbase Press Contributor



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