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‘Jonesy #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This was supposed to be the final issue in a four-issue series; however, instead it ends with a “To Be Continued…” and the announcement that the series is now ongoing. I’ve expressed some negativity over this comic in the past and have at times been less than thrilled with the direction it’s gone. So, how do I feel about the fact that it’s now continuing beyond its original limited run? Actually, I’m kind of interested to see the next issue. I guess the comic has me hooked.

The comic does play kind of a dirty trick on us, though. At the end of the previous issue, Jonesy had a sudden revelation about how she was going to get her celebrity crush to notice her. Then, rather than revealing what that revelation was in this issue, we follow a completely different story. Still, it’s a fun story in its own right.

It’s prom, and Jonesy is irate. Jonesy hates prom, just like she hates most things that don’t center around her and her interests. So, she decides to ruin it for everyone else, with the help of her best friend Susan, and her other friend, Farid, who hasn’t really been a major character up to this point. It should be a simple task. After all, Jonesy has the power to make anyone at all fall in love with anything at all. It causes chaos even when she’s not trying. When she actually wants to create a disaster, how can she fail?

The catch, though, is that she can’t use her secret power to enact her master plan. The school’s principal is onto Jonesy’s love shenanigans and using her power again could expose her. How will Jonesy ruin prom without using her love powers?

I think I finally understand this comic a little better. I always complain about what a terrible person Jonesy is, but that’s actually the whole point. Jonesy is objectively awful. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself, and if someone else likes something that’s not part of her limited scope of interests, she feels automatically entitled to ruin things for that person.

However, the point of the comic is to watch Jonesy get past her self-centeredness and become a better person. Each issue ends with her gaining a little bit of empathy for someone else’s situation and genuinely trying to help them instead of screwing them over. Her circle of friends is gradually evolving, her interests are expanding, and her general outlook on life is… not exactly more positive, but at least more accepting. The progress is slow, but it’s there.

As the comic moves forward, I’d like to see more of this evolution of Jonesy’s character. It’s difficult to like her character sometimes, because every single issue opens with her hating something that someone else likes. If the comic can move past that convention and really flesh out Jonesy’s character to be a more caring, or at least less angry person, then it could really be something worth reading.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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