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‘Future Proof #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Throughout the Future Proof story, James and Simon have been on a mission to correct the past. The actions they take seem strange sometimes, and even downright despicable, but their benevolent computer god, the Sing, tells them that this is the best course of action to ensure the future they’ve come to know, and they obey it without question.

Throughout the course of the story, though, there’s been one man who does question the Sing. He’s appeared several times on the peripheries of James and Simon’s adventures, and we’ve followed a number of his own actions as well: small steps towards a larger goal. Well, now, the mysterious man’s larger goal is coming to the forefront. He’s recruiting people from across history to be part of his own team of time travelers.

We see him pull a number of famous figures with all different skillsets out of their timelines, from Jim Morrison to Amelia Earhart and more. What’s his ultimate goal once this team is assembled? I guess we’ll find out. The time machine only travels backward, though, so whatever it is, it seems a safe bet that it will take place in the past—and have a significant impact on everything that comes after it.

Through the whole story, we’ve assumed that this mysterious man who keeps appearing on the timeline is the villain. He may very well be, in the end—but one of the things that makes this comic so interesting is its ability to make us question what heroes and villains actually are.

Our “heroes,” James and Simon, have killed countless people over the last 11 issues, ruined the lives of several others, participated in shootouts and massacres, all in the name of preserving the timeline, according to what the Sing says is best for humanity. Most of the mystery man’s actions have been relatively tame by comparison, and in this issue, he’s even helping people to some degree.

However, things play out over the next few issues, the story is gripping and unlike any other time travel story I’ve read. Everything seems to be coming to a head, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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