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‘The Maids of Wrath:’ Book Review

The Maids of Wrath is the sequel to last year’s Enter the Janitor—a quirky fantasy/adventure about a secret group of people tasked with literally cleaning up the evil in the world. In Maids, we get to explore further the world of The Cleaners and its inner workings, as trouble stems from inside the organization itself.

In the previous book, we met Dani, a germaphobic college student who discovered she had supernatural powers and went to work for the Cleaners under the mentorship of Ben, a crotchety old janitor who doesn’t work well with others. Now, Dani has completed her training and become a full-fledged member of the Cleaners. Ben, meanwhile, has been de-powered after the events of the previous book and now has to watch from the sidelines—possibly for good.

Ben is a Janitor, whose power over the world’s dirt and grime is water-based, using a bucket and mop. The Cleaners also have another branch, though, called the Maids, whose power is more wind-based, using feather dusters. Together, the two groups are able to guard against all sorts of dirt and grime-based supernatural threats. But then one of the maids, Sherri, goes berserk and tries to kill the rest of the Cleaners. How do they guard against a threat that’s coming from within their own ranks?

Much like its predecessor, Maids is a quirky and unique book that’s hard to put down. It’s funny, a bit sarcastic, and just bizarre enough to be a lot of fun and hold my interest. If you liked Enter the Janitor, you’ll definitely enjoy Maids of Wrath as well. And if you haven’t read Enter the Janitor, do yourself a favor and pick up both of them.


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