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‘Danger Girl: Renegade #4’ – Comic Book Review

Since the previous issue of Danger Girl: Renegade came out, there’s been a bit of a hiatus, so the memory of what went before might be a little fuzzy. Fortunately, it’s really easy to catch up. Abbey Chase, former Danger Girl, has been captured by the CIA and forced to retrieve a briefcase from someone bad. Who are the bad people? What’s in the briefcase? It doesn’t really matter. It’s Danger Girl.

After a relatively brief, but intense, scene of Abbey trying to retrieve the case from a moving vehicle (a scene which involves a motorcycle and a helicopter), Abbey is taken to Spain and given a lot of exposition. Seriously, most of this issue is exposition, which is odd for a Danger Girl comic.

It’s not necessarily a bad kind of exposition, though. There are a couple of pretty big reveals, which set up the next story arc. Also, Abbey is reunited with her former Danger Girl cohorts, Sonya Savage and Valerie the teenage computer genius – not quite the full team, but close enough.

This is a fun issue, if a little convoluted. Of course, any Danger Girl comic is going to be a little convoluted, but I think the fact that this one is drenched in exposition brings it out more. Still, you forgive it, because it’s Danger Girl. Rule #1 is that you don’t take it too seriously.

As I believe I’ve said in my previous reviews, the artwork for this arc is a bit different. The women are somewhat more realistically proportioned than they usually are in Danger Girl, but that’s not all. Subtle differences in how the characters are drawn make this feel like a different Danger Girl altogether. Still, it remains a fun and exciting Danger Girl that’s full of over-the-top action and adventure, and that’s worth reading in general. This is the last issue in the Renegade arc, and it’s been a lot of fun. The upcoming story arc promises to be even more so.


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