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‘Welcome Back #5:’ Comic Book Review

This issue begins a new arc in the ongoing saga of eternal war and reincarnation. When we last left our hero, Mali, she had first accepted her destiny as a soldier or “sequel” in this war, then wholly rejected her mission to kill her counterpart on the opposing team. Now, it seems that both of them have disappeared, and each side is in an uproar.

We join Lorena, the little girl who’s the reincarnation of Mali’s stepfather, as she employs all the resources at her disposal to track down Mali and find out what happened to her. She has more resources than you’d think for a six year old; not only can she drive a car, she’s proficient with a variety of different weapons. Unfortunately, she’s also been demoted from her position as a sequel in this war and is now a lowly grunt, instead, who has raised the ire of all the higher-ups in both armies.

Lorena’s a fascinating character, but I think she does better as a supporting character, rather than the focus of the entire issue. Her jaded personality and surprising aptitude for murder makes her difficult to root for. Still, being that her ultimate goal is finding Mali, we do get to sympathize with her at least somewhat. If this is the only issue she’s carrying by herself, that’s fine. I’m a little wary of having her carry the whole arc, though.

It’s a good issue all in all, though. The change in perspective does make for an interesting change, at least for the moment. It also allows us to explore some other aspects of this war, the armies fighting in it, and the minds behind it. If you’ve been following the story thus far, you’ll definitely want to check out this issue, as well.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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