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The Kickstarter Report: ‘Relationship Status’

Peter Bean is a master of exploring how modern technology impacts our lives. His short film, ReCalculating, was a lighthearted exploration of a world wherein we rely on our smartphones for everything—but are too busy looking at those phones to notice the world around them. Now, Peter is working on Relationship Status, a feature-length film that explores our relationship with the Internet and social media—and our relationships ON the Internet and social media.

Inspired by Peter Bean’s real-life experience of being dumped on Facebook, Relationship Status tells the story of an Internet-less town, suddenly thrust into the modern online world. Will they all become Facebook zombies, with their faces permanently affixed to their computer screens? Or will it bring them closer together and foster real communication? Or will it do both? This kind of complex, mixed-blessing relationship with technology was explored beautifully in just a few minutes in ReCalculating. I’m interested to see how it’s explored on a feature-length scale.

With a goal of $15,000, Relationship Status offers a number of donor perks, ranging from a Thank You and a website shout-out, to an Executive Producer credit. In between, there are levels that include exclusive behind-the-scenes production videos, soundtracks, t-shirts, DVDs, a character named after you, and more.

There are only a few days left of the campaign, so if this project appeals to you at all, now is the time to contribute. I, for one, would really like to see it go all the way, because I would very much like to see the completed film.

To contribute to Relationship Status, visit their Kickstarter campaign.


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