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‘The Rook #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The first issue of The Rook featured, according to its cover, “A Time-Traveling, Gunslinging Monster Fighter,” along with a beautifully complex time loop and a rogues gallery of nefarious creatures from all across time and space. That sort of opening is very, very difficult to live up to.

This third issue is not quite on the same level as the first, but it’s still a fun story and visually compelling. Restin Dane, our time traveler, has followed his ancestor, the original time traveler (of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine fame) to the distant future of Morlocks and Eloi. Only, things are never what they seem. The Eloi and Morlocks are both destroying each other and everything around them, while an ancient and possibly evil being named Quarb looks on in curiosity.

If you read the first issue, you’ll recognize the name Quarb and know that he plays a significant role in this whole time loop thing. Restin Dane, however, did not read the first issue and has no idea what’s in store.

Aside from a few scenes from the opening of that first issue, which are nowhere near being brought full circle yet, I have no idea what’s in store either. Even if it’s not as much crazy, high-octane adventure as it was in Issue #1, it’s still very entertaining and worth a read.

Unfortunately, this issue ends with the words, “To Be Concluded…” which I assume means we have only one issue left. Hopefully, that’s just for this specific arc, and there will be more Rook adventures going forward. I guess we’ll find out. For now, though, if you like sci-fi and time travel, read the series. You won’t regret it.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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