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‘Trista and Holt #10:’ Advance Comic Book Review

After two days (or several issues) in the hospital, Trista has finally woken up to find Issy Holt standing vigilantly by her bedside. After 9 issues of buildup, now, finally, their epic love can bloom. Maybe.

In this issue, we see the same events twice: first from Issy’s point of view, waiting in Trista’s hospital room, and then from Trista’s as she wakes up. They seem to have slightly different agendas.

One of the benefits of Andrez Bergen’s art style of digitally altering classic photos is that we get to have Paul Newman play our male lead. This issue in particular highlights how perfect that casting is, particularly for the 1970s setting. Even in photos, you can see Newman’s style and personality reflected in Issy Holt.

With every issue, the story becomes more compelling, making me that much more eager for the next one. This issue only moves the plot forward a small bit but is still very entertaining and sets the stage for exciting things to come. I suppose if I really wanted, I could just read the story of Tristan and Iseult (or Yseult, or Isolde), upon which this comic is based, and find out what happens. I probably will at some point, but I’d rather read the comic first. Something tells me that the original story doesn’t have the same gritty, 1970s noir theme.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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