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‘Future Proof #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This issue of Future Proof is less about mind-bending causality and time-changing morality issues than the last few have been. Instead, it focuses more on our heroes’ mission, in and of itself, and the historical period to which they’ve been sent.

Their benevolent computer overlord, the Sing, has most recently sent our time-traveling protagonists to Little Bighorn to help Sitting Bull and the Lakota defeat Custer and his men. But, first, they have to prove themselves to the tribe.

Honestly, this one’s a little low on plot. A good six pages are solely devoted to a graphic depiction of the battle, complete with arrows, guns, and lots of blood. Still, it opens up some possibilities for issues to come and manages to be generally entertaining. I miss the mind-bending causality and morality issues, but no doubt there will be plenty more of those in issues to come. In the meantime, this issue is fun, a bit funny, and generally worth reading.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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