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‘Velvet #12:’ Comic Book Review

If I have one criticism of the Velvet comics, it’s that the issues are released too far apart. The last issue I reviewed was #10, back in April. Now, it’s November and we’re on Issue #12, and it’s difficult to remember exactly what was going on the last time I read this comic. Still, it’s a minor criticism all things considered, and it gives me an excuse to go back and read some of the previous issues again.

This issue sees Velvet return to her hometown of Manhattan, which shows just how little we know about her and her background. I had always assumed that she was British, since she works for a British agency—or did work, before she was framed for murder and sent on the run. Apparently, though, she’s an American, and even takes a few minutes to revisit the home where she grew up, before being ambushed by several of the agents on her tail.

Every move Velvet makes, though, is carefully considered and calculated. That’s especially evident in this issue, as she travels with an agent whom she knows is betraying her; however, he also holds valuable information that could help her unravel the conspiracy that surrounds her, so for the moment, she needs to play along with the ruse. This means carrying out some elaborate and expensive plans that she knows her companion will ultimately thwart, and openly distrusting him just enough to let him believe that she does trust him. The comic explains it better than I.

There are a lot of complex threads to this story, and no doubt plenty more waiting to be uncovered. It’s a very smartly written comic, in addition to having great action and “cool spy stuff” that will appeal to just about anybody.

The release of this issue is particularly well timed, coming right alongside the new James Bond movie that everyone seems to be talking about. No doubt that will help garner more interest for the comic, particularly since several characters seem at least partly inspired by the James Bond saga. For the record, though, I find Velvet more interesting and more appealing than whatever the latest adventure is that Mr. Bond seems to have found himself in. 007 is great, but Velvet gives us something new and unexpected, that really makes us think—which in turn heightens the action and makes it that much more entertaining.

So, if you like spy stories in any capacity, Velvet is the comic for you. If you’re into action and gadgets, espionage, betrayal, and general “cool spy stuff,” then it definitely has what you’re looking for. But, if you like a little bit more out of your spy comics and like to delve a little bit deeper into characters and intricate plots, then Velvet may just be one of the best comics on the market.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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