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‘Trista and Holt #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The latest issue of Trista & Holt again plays with alternate points of view and unusual storytelling techniques. This time, most of the issue is narrated by Issy Holt’s old friend, Lou—who, if you’ll recall, was killed several issues ago. His ghost, along with the ghost of Moore Holt (shot and killed by Trista), wander the halls of a hospital and observe the action—though they’re not as up to date on the story as we are.

There’s less plot to this issue than in some of the previous ones, but it’s still a fun and entertaining read. Heck, Lou, and Moore could have their own spinoff series, walking through walls, observing the action, and offering their commentary. I’d read it.

Series creator Andrez Bergen always manages to make things interesting while keeping the audience on their toes. It’s a well-crafted comic that creates a diverse and fascinating world, then explores that world in new and different ways. The artwork is always fun, too, as Bergen’s trademark photomanipulation style takes a series of otherwise unrelated images and compiles them into a cohesive story. All in all, this is a great comic and a fun read. If you’re a fan of noir crime thrillers or comics that experiment with different narrative styles, then Trista & Holt is definitely worth your time.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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