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‘Nightwasp #5:’ Comic Book Review

The first two issues of Nightwasp were broad, joke-a-minute, Zucker Brothers-style comedy. What little plot there was mainly served as a setup for a variety of superhero jokes and pop culture references. The next two issues toned down the joke-a-minute style, choosing instead to develop the story a bit more. Now, Issue #5 apparently wraps up the first story arc, and in so doing, tries to combine both styles. It’s packed with silly jokes and references, while also balancing an increasingly complex plot. Does it work? I’m not sure yet. But, it does end up being fairly entertaining.

When we last left our hero, Nightwasp had lost everything: his money; his sidekick; his superhero team—everything. Then, as a final blow, an unsympathetic judge decided to exploit a technicality and ordered every criminal Nighwasp had ever locked up to be released.

Now, our hero must undergo a psych evaluation from the very psychiatrist that his secret identity, Ward Woodcock, happens to be dating. Meanwhile, Nightwasp’s newest nemesis, the Hen (a man in a chicken suit, who speaks entirely in chicken puns), has gathered together all of the other released criminals to kill Nightwasp once and for all.

By this point, the story is extremely convoluted—but that’s on purpose. The creators have gone out of their way to make things as ridiculous as possible. As I said in my first review, when this comic swings, it swings hard. When it connects, it’s great. But, it doesn’t always connect. Still, there’s definite fun to be had in this issue, as well as the previous ones. If you’re a fan of broad, silly comedy, you’ll probably enjoy Nightwasp.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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