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‘Anne Frankenstein: Nazi Hunter – Book I’ – Graphic Novel Review

Anne Frankenstein tells the story of the rise of a new Nazi regime in 2046, and the 9-foot-tall cyborg woman that the underground resistance builds to stop them. When I first read the plot synopsis, my reaction was, “That could either be really great, or really terrible—and I really want to find out which.” Well, after reading the comic, I’m happy to report that it is, in fact, pretty good.

The underground resistance doesn’t just build a cyborg woman to fight the Nazis. They give it the mind and 3D-projected hologram head of Anne Frank, author of the famous diary about hiding from the Nazis in WWII. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Frank is back—and she’s pissed.

Most of this issue is about the building of this superhuman Anne Frank cyborg, after which she’s unleashed upon a group of unsuspecting Nazis to do her thing. I’ve written extensively in the past about the moral complexities of WWII: Does being a Nazi automatically mean being evil? Does someone’s being evil justify you in killing them with abandon, and even glee? What’s the difference between bad guys and good guys, and what effect does killing the enemy have on your own soul? This comic is not the place for those discussions. It’s just plain, old-fashioned, Nazi-fighting goodness, with some sci-fi action thrown in for good measure. It’s mindless fun—but it’s definitely fun. I look forward to seeing the next issue.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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