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‘Danger Girl: Renegade #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

According to my records, the last Danger Girl comic I read and reviewed was nearly a year ago—and that one barely featured the actual Danger Girls in it at all. So, you can imagine my joy at seeing the beginning of a new story arc. Or maybe you can’t imagine it. In that case, just take my word: there was joy.

We begin 12 years ago, as a 13-year-old Abbey Chase fends off a pack of bounty hunters in Cairo. Their weapons of choice are knives. Her weapon of choice is snakes, because even at 13, Abbey Chase was a badass.

Then, we fast forward to the present day, and Abbey is in the crosshairs of another group of baddies—this time led by the mysterious woman with a dragon tattoo on her face, whom she first came across in Danger Girl: The Chase.

There’s not a lot of plot just yet, but it hardly matters. There’s plenty of action, as well as just enough humor to remind us that we’re to take everything with a grain of salt. Also, Dallas makes an appearance. Always a fun supporting character, he would never consider himself as a sidekick to the Danger Girls—but he totally is. I’ve always liked Dallas.

One interesting thing to note: the artwork is a bit different in this story. The characters look a bit more realistic—and a bit more realistically proportioned. I suppose that’s for the best.

It looks like Renegade will focus mainly on Abbey and not the rest of the Danger Girl team. This disappoints me a little, but I’m sure we’re still in for loads of fun. It looks to be the beginning of a pretty decent adventure, and the Danger Girl series rarely disappoints. Looking forward to seeing how things play out in the next issue.


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