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Dances With Films 2015: ’Shevenge’ – Film Review

Shevenge, an 11-minute film which screened at the Dances With Films festival on Saturday evening, is the tale of three women and the men who wronged them. Each of them spins an elaborate revenge fantasy, which the three of them proceed to act out in their collective imaginations.

First, Charley (Jessica Sherif) imagines confronting her cheating boyfriend, Jimmy (Dove Meir), in a Kill Bill-style action movie, wherein they fight to the death with hand to hand combat. Complete with clever one-liners and a driving guitar soundtrack, she shows him just what can happen when you’re up against a woman scorned.
Then, Sam (Emme Rylan) details her revenge fantasy, which takes a very different approach. Taking the role of a wealthy socialite/housewife, with her companions as maids, she won’t kill her neglectful boyfriend, Roger (Eugene Byrd), but merely teach him a lesson.
Finally, Taylor (Megan Lee Joy) plots her revenge against Brad (David Blue). I won’t ruin the surprise, but, suffice it to say, Taylor’s the crazy one of the group.
All three revenge fantasies are shot very simply but have a stylized feel to them which helps to create three completely different worlds. The use of things like color and costuming creates a vivid fantasy realm which is a real treat to watch as it unfolds. It’s also very funny, all the way through. With a screenplay by David Greenman (with a story by stars Joy and Sherif) and under the masterful direction of Amber Benson, this is a fun and crazy ride that’s not to be missed.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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