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‘Velvet #10:’ Comic Book Review

The tables have turned for rogue superspy Velvet Templeton. Up to this point, she’s always been one step ahead of everyone else. True, she’s flying by the seat of her pants for much of the time. Sometimes, she’s caught off guard or thrown for a loop, but she always knows exactly how to handle it, because she’s the best at what she does. Until now.

Now, the game has changed, Velvet has been betrayed, and the future hasn’t been this uncertain for her since . . . well, since the first time she was betrayed, in the very first issue. If it sounds like I’m being cryptic, it’s because it’s very difficult to describe the plot of this issue without giving out any major spoilers. Seriously, just read it for yourself.

I almost wish that that could be the entirety of my review for the Velvet saga in general: “Seriously, just read it.” That’s all you really need to know, and the more I tell you beyond that, the more of a disservice it is to you as a reader. The plot is full of twists and turns, great characters, cool action, and general thrills that are far better experienced in comic form than in review form. Ed Brubaker’s writing is brilliant, and Steve Epting’s art is beautiful. This is a comic that is worth your time.

The thing is, though, I say pretty much this same thing in just about every issue of Velvet I review. I’m a bit worried that I’m getting repetitive, or that if I praise it too much or too often, I’ll sound insincere. But, the fact is, that’s pretty much my reaction to every issue I read: “Wow, this is really good! Everybody needs to be reading this comic!”

So, to conclude, go and buy and read Velvet. Start with Volume 1, Before the Living End, and then move on to the second arc, The Secret Lives of Dead Men, which concludes with this issue and will likely be collected and available as its own volume before too long. As for me, I’ll hopefully come up with some new and interesting ways to say, “Seriously, just read it,” by the time the next issue comes out.


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