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‘I Play the Bad Guy #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This issue of I Play the Bad Guy takes a bit of a detour from Frank and his story of superhero revenge and takes us, instead, to the Reagan administration. We see an Ugandan youth tasked with taking down a violent warlord by an American government that couldn’t really care less about either. The young man infiltrates the warlord’s ranks as they attempt to subdue another city, until finally—well, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

Eventually, we do catch up to Frank again, joining him in a small diner just as the cops catch up to him. Of course, as we’ve already seen, this means much more bad news for the cops than it does for Frank. We do a bit of exploration into Frank’s sense of morality, as well as some more of the consequences of being saddled with these powers.

With each issue, we get a bit clearer of a picture of just who these characters are and where they’re coming from. And, with each issue, we’re able to empathize just a bit more with Frank and what he’s doing, even if he is, “playing the bad guy.” All in all, this is a solid issue and a good continuation of what’s proving to be a good and compelling story. Definitely worth checking out.


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