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‘Bullet Gal #8:’ Comic Book Review

This is the second issue in a row that’s focused on characters other than our titular heroine. I kind of miss her. Still, though, there’s plenty to love about this issue, starting with what I’m pretty sure is an Apocalypse Now reference at the very beginning.

In a series that’s been noirish all the way through, Issue #8 is probably the noiriest of them all. It follows a hard-boiled, one-eyed cop as he investigates the shooting of Mitzi, a.k.a. Bullet Gal, all the while waxing philosophical in narration about, “Heropa: my city, my beat.” Our one-eyed detective is able to track down the goons that got the drop on poor Mitzi, but the dame that gave the order, Brigit, is still at large. Meanwhile, Bullet Gal lies dying in the hospital.

Despite the absence of our heroine, this is a solid issue, reveling in the noirish voice that series creator Andrez Bergen both loves and excels at. We’re sadly drawing near the end of Bullet Gal’s adventures, but there are still a few issues left, and likely more than a few surprises. For any fan of noir and superheroes, this is a series you really shouldn’t miss.

Bullet Gal #8 is now available in print and digital forms from IF? Commix.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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