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‘Rocket Salvage #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The adventure continues as we follow Primo Rocket, disgraced space racer, now owner of a salvage company and single parent to two clones. We open a month after the infamous race that destroyed Primo’s career. As Primo recovers in the hospital, his mechanic/mad scientist, Dr. Utzman, is in a tight spot and gives Primo an important package to keep safe. The “package” is actually a baby, Primo’s daughter Zeta.

Fast forward 15 years. Now, Primo and family are in a tight spot and need Dr. Utzman’s help—which involves breaking him out of prison. Meanwhile, notorious gangster Boss Klem, along with about half the galaxy, is on a quest to find some sort of ultimate weapon—that Utzman may or may not have created, and that may or may not be at Rocket Salvage.

Whereas the first issue threw a lot at us in a very short amount of time, flitting around to a number of different subplots, this issue focuses almost entirely on Primo and his family. This not only makes it easier to follow, but easier to get engaged in. The story’s a lot of fun so far and promises to get even more so.

The real appeal, though, is the artwork. It’s wild and colorful, giving us all sorts of different strange creatures and sci-fi scenery. It’s got the “used future” motif popularized by Star Wars and Blade Runner, which creates a great atmosphere for this story. If you’re a fan of crazy sci-fi, quirky characters, and wild artwork with a colorful attention to detail, you’ll definitely enjoy Rocket Salvage #2.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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