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‘Cloaks #3:’ Comic Book Review

The adventures of Adam, magician extraordinaire turned reluctant secret agent, continue. In this issue, we see him try to match wits with Evy, the beautiful and brilliant head of an enemy organization, intent on . . . well, I guess we’ll find that out next issue.

Up until now, we’ve mainly seen Adam using his sleight-of-hand skills to accomplish his goals. Issue #3 focuses more on mentalism: the ability to “read” people, based on subtle clues in their behavior. Based on their three previous extremely brief encounters, Adam tries to read Evy enough to figure out which rejected Cloaks candidates she intends to recruit for her own operation.

Seeing these candidates is the main appeal of this issue. Each one has a special ability that Evy needs for her new organization. It’s almost like a superhero story—except that each person’s abilities still fall within the realm of real-world possibility—if high improbability. For surveillance, there’s a woman with an eidetic memory. For intel gathering, they have a skilled hypnotherapist. For hired muscle . . . well, just read the issue.

And, I do mean that. You really should be reading this series. It’s been pretty great so far. I’m kind of disappointed that there’s only one issue left. Ordinarily, I’d be worried that that won’t be enough time to wrap up all the mysteries and loose ends that they’ve currently got open; however, Cloaks seems to be able to cover a surprisingly large amount of ground with each issue, without overloading us or moving too quickly, so I’m sure it’ll all work out.

It’s such an intriguing concept, though, with so much story potential, that it’d be a shame to close the story so soon. Plus, I’m really enjoying it and will be sad to see it go. But, we’ll save those thoughts for the next issue. For now, Cloaks is expertly weaving a great story, full of adventure and intrigue. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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