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‘Bullet Gal 5:’ Comic Book Review

This issue of Bullet Gal takes a break from the regular story about Mitzi and her training to become a superhero. Instead, we get a closer look at Brigit, the beautiful and deadly French assassin who’s trying to eliminate Mitzi/Bullet Gal for the mob.

We’ve gotten to see a little bit of Brigit in the previous issues. She’s much smarter than any of the regular mob guys, and much more dangerous. Now, we get to see why. Through her French-accented, first-person narration, we get to see her early life, her family, and the various people she’s killed. Then, we’re quickly brought into the present day, where we see her continued plans to eliminate Bullet Gal—and the idiot mob underlings helping/hindering her, who don’t seem to grasp that assassination is an art.

This is a fun issue, and Brigit is a fun character to focus on. With a bit of inspiration from Brigitte Bardot, she’s a femme fatale in every sense of the word. I thought at first that writing the narration in a French accent (even with a few basic French phrases thrown in) would get old quickly, but, in fact, it adds an extra bit of flavor to the issue.

One of the things that makes Bullet Gal unique is creator Andrez Bergen’s art style: digital photo manipulation of old, black-and-white photos, which lend the comic a gritty, noirish feel, whether we’re looking at people, buildings/cityscapes, or other things. This issue has some particularly cool visuals that really complement the story.

If you’ve been reading the Bullet Gal series, Issue #5 is one you won’t want to miss. And, if you haven’t been reading Bullet Gal . . . for Heaven’s sake, what are you waiting for?

Bullet Gal #5 is now available from If? Commix in print and digital forms.


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