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‘The Undoubtables:’ Graphic Novel Review

In a film version of The Undoubtables, the main character would be played by George Clooney. The official synopsis calls it “Ocean’s 11 meets Payback,” but, honestly, it’s more like Ocean’s 11 meets Out of Sight, making it a double dose of Clooney-esque criminal style.

Spencer Shelton, who calls himself Spade, is a suave and resourceful bank robber who uses his charm and wits, rather than guns or violence; however, despite Spade’s suave resourcefulness, he has, as we begin the story, found himself captured and imprisoned, forcing him to escape. Once he’s out, he rounds up his old gang (Diamond, Heart, and Club), and together they make plans for some complex and intricate capers that involve a variety of skills in both thievery and con artistry.

Along the way, the gang runs afoul of some of the most powerful mob bosses in New York, led by the violent and vindictive Vito Accardi in a quest to bring Spade and his cohorts down by any means necessary. Not to mention Detective Wells of the NYPD, a bit of a bumbling cop, but goodhearted and determined to prove/redeem himself by bringing the notorious Spencer Shelton to justice.

The Undoubtables is a smart and fun graphic novel, with all the style and excitement of the best heist movies. We get to see Spade and his team pull off several great capers, not always with ease, but always with flair. They’re a grittier, lower rent version of the Ocean’s 11 crew and frequently find themselves in dire straits with a need to improvise. Some of the ways that they find out of these dire straits strain credulity just a bit, but that’s par for the course in any crime caper. It’s still loads of fun to see unfold.

Being that the story involves crime and criminals, there is a bit of violence involved, so it’s maybe not for all audiences. Just because Spade and his gang won’t kill people doesn’t mean that their enemies won’t. Still, the violence isn’t too bad, all things considered. Call this one PG-13.

If you’re a fan of crime capers, clever criminals, and intricate heists, The Undoubtables is a comic that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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