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‘Pike and Trident: Episode 1 – A Viking We Will Go’ Review

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Turney and Patty Jean Robinson about their IndieGoGo project: a time travel action/comedy web series called Pike and Trident. Well, I’m pleased to report that their tireless labor over the last few months has finally yielded fruit! Pike and Trident: Episode 1, “A Viking We Will Go,” premiered today on YouTube! And, I’m pleased to report that it’s everything they promised and more.

The series follows Myrtle Pike (Turney) and Trudy Trident (Robinson), two museum curators from the year 3535 who like to fight. A lot. Generally with swords. When one of their brawls goes awry, they accidentally send a variety of priceless artifacts hurtling across time. They’re then tasked with going back in time to various periods in history and retrieving them—and having more fights along the way.

This first episode sees them visit Viking times, where Trident has retrieved the first artifact: a car floor mat. And, of course, the aftermath leads them into a fight—Viking style! This is part of the appeal of the series. Under the direction of experienced fight choreographer Jan Bryant, the battles are not just epically conceived and expertly executed, they’re also authentic to the time and place where our hapless heroes happen to find themselves.

The episode in general is very funny. Most of the humor comes from the interplay between Pike and Trident—not just from their banter and bickering, but from their brawling. The fight in this episode manages to be exciting as well as amusing, without becoming slapstick. The whole tone of the episode is set by the score of composer Robb Padgett, whose music creates an entire atmosphere, heightening both the action and the humor perfectly.

In addition to Pike and Trident, we also get to meet Dr. Narsil (Anne Westcott), their somewhat ethereal boss, who adds her own brand of humor to the proceedings. The script (written by Robinson) also has a few fun, geeky references that will appeal to several different fandoms. But, the funniest part comes at the very end, when—well, you’ll just have to watch the episode to find out.

The only thing I would suggest would be for them, at some point, to show us the events that set this all in motion. We hear it described, but, eventually, I want to see how it happened for myself: the reluctant pairing of Pike and Trident, the accident that sent artifacts careening across history, the ensuing wrath of Dr. Narsil, etc. Of course, that would be a bit more expensive to film, I imagine, so, hopefully, sometime down the line, after the project takes off. Other than that, all-in-all, this is a great beginning to what promises to be an excellent series. I look forward to more of their epic time traveling, sword fighting adventures.

Pike and Trident: Episode 1 is currently available on YouTube and can be viewed here.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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