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‘Captain Midnight Volume 2: Brave Old World’ – Advance TPB Review

The adventures continue for the brilliant WWII hero/superhero, displaced in time. Volume 1 saw Captain Midnight on the run in a world he didn’t understand. The new volume, Brave Old World, has him trying to acclimate himself to that world and get a feel for what’s going on around him.

To be honest, this volume starts off a little weak. The first chapter has Captain Midnight using a lot of heavy 1940s slang, which he didn’t really use before, expressing his distrust of this newfangled “Internet” thing and generally wondering what’s happened to the world he knew and loved. All the things I praised the first volume for not doing.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with this, per se. It’s a natural reaction to being suddenly taken out of time. The problem is simply that it’s been done to death. There’s so much more interesting territory to explore in this story that to waste time talking about how things are different now than they were in WWII simply bogs things down.

However, once the adventure gets going, it manages to redeem itself and give us the action and innovation that Captain Midnight is all about. Brave Old World has Midnight fighting two larger-than-life supervillains. The first is Skyman, a self-proclaimed hero who dresses like Captain Midnight and uses the same technology as him—but is, in fact, a perversion of everything Midnight stands for. The second is Hollow, who, through various mechanical enhancements, is ridiculously strong, practically invulnerable, and pretty much an unstoppable force. These villains lead to a couple of epic brawls over the course of this volume, all while Captain Midnight and his team investigate the mysterious Black Sky organization and what it’s trying to do.

All in all, this is an entertaining read. It’s got a lot of the fun that made the first volume so engaging, plus new villains, higher stakes, and even a couple of special guests. There’s also a fun short at the end featuring Captain Midnight trying to learn to use the Internet. If you’re a fan of the new Captain Midnight comics from Dark Horse, you’ll want to pick up Brave Old World.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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