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‘The Almighties: Recharged, Reloaded, Reduxed’ – Comic Book Review

The Almighties: Recharged, Reloaded, Reduxed is a 12-page preview comic released for Free Comic Book Day; however, those 12 pages have 3 writers, 5 artists, 4 colorists, and 2 letterers. There are 5 different sections, each focusing on a different member of the superhero team, The Almighties, and each section/member has a different artistic team behind it. In short, this very short comic has a whole lot going on in it.

We open with Max Mitchell (a.k.a. Maxi-Tron) telling of how his early days as an “outcast” (“too cool for the nerds, too smart for the jocks”—you know nothing of being an outcast, my friend) led him to create a superpowered robot armor and, eventually, become leader of The Almighties super team.

Honestly, his origin sounds more like that of a supervillain than a superhero. The same can also be said of Nitefang, the mean British punk turned werewolf, and Mason, the homicidal A-Team reject. The only one who seems like a true Good Guy is Ms. F.  A former oppressed housewife, she’s endowed with super strength, flight, and what the TV Tropes website calls the “Most Common Superpower.

Of course, the whole purpose of the comic is that the members of the team are a bit dysfunctional. As the story begins, the team has recently discovered that their former benefactor was actually a Nazi. They’re not the perfect, media-friendly crimefighters, but, apparently, they do mean well.

There’s a lot to process in this short preview comic, but it does seem like the beginnings of a potentially fun story. If you like your superheroes with a healthy dose of dysfunctionality, this may be the comic for you.

The Almighties: Recharged, Reloaded, Reduxed is available from Free Comic Book Day onwards, FREE, at

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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