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‘Danger Girl: Mayday #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

So far, Mayday is proving to be a rather different adventure than the previous Danger Girl story arcs. We’re two issues in, and, so far, the actual Danger Girls haven’t appeared yet: only Natalia Kassle, the Danger Girl who went rogue years ago and was subsequently killed in action.

As we learned in the previous issue, Ms. Kassle, as it turns out, isn’t dead after all. Instead, she was found by a ruthless female pirate and her crew, revived, and nursed back to health—against the advice of everyone who knew who she was. Now, in this issue, after spending the intervening years on a remote island, in the care of a benevolent group called The Sisterhood, Natalia is not only healthy but back to peak condition—or nearly. But, she’s lost her memory and knows nothing of the Danger Girls or who she was/what she did before the accident.

It’s then that the pirate returns to continue with her plan. It’s still unclear just who she is, or what, exactly, she intends to do with the living weapon she’s trying to awaken. But, we do finally learn her name: April Mayday.

I’m enjoying this Danger Girl story arc but, admittedly, not quite as much as the previous ones I’ve read. It’s missing the humorous, tongue-in-cheek aspect that I’ve always liked so much. It’s also missing the actual Danger Girls. We have only one so far, and she knows nothing of what the Danger Girls even are. Still, there’s fun to be had – plenty of action, good writing, and an interesting story. It’s worth seeing how this one plays out.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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