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‘Danger Girl: Mayday #1’ – Comic Book Review

It’s been over four months since the last Danger Girl story arc ended. Now, finally, we begin a new one with “Mayday.” This first issue has a few jarring differences from the usual Danger Girl comics, though. For one thing, it barely has the Danger Girls in it at all.

We begin instead “Years Ago,” on the high seas, where a tough female pirate has taken over a ship full of weapons, with the intention of finding out who they’re being sold to. Like most of the female characters in the Danger Girl comics, she’s strong and capable, with both a talent and an affinity for kicking butt and taking names.

She’s also stubborn to the point of arrogance. The ship’s crew is absolutely terrified, not of her, but of their cargo’s mysterious buyers, who are clearly the type of people who aren’t to be messed with. Our lady pirate is determined to mess with them anyway.

Then, the ship comes across something even more terrifying: the lifeless body of Natalia Kassle, the Danger Girl who went bad, and has long been considered dead by her former teammates. But, is she really? What does this mean for the pirate and her crew? What does it mean for the Danger Girls?

Like all the Danger Girl comics, this issue has great action and is generally pretty fun. To anyone familiar with the Danger Girl saga, it opens up a slew of possibilities and raises a lot of questions which will, hopefully, be answered in subsequent issues. There’s mystery, intrigue, and a lot of potential for thrills. So far, it seems to be missing the element of humor that’s generally present in Danger Girl comics, but it’s exciting enough to hold our attention without it.

For anyone who’s a fan of Danger Girl, this one is definitely worth a read. Hopefully, though, the next issue will actually feature the Danger Girls themselves.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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