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‘City: Mind in the Machine #3’ – Comic Book Review

The saga of mass surveillance and ultimate power continues. Ben, our hero, finds himself hot on the trail of the terrorist who caused the accident that blinded him. He also tries to patch things up with Chloe, the girl he’s been pining for and whom, last issue, he frightened off with his newfound abilities; however, some people seem to think he’s getting too close to the truth, which may prove dangerous for the both of them.

The previous issue seemed to portray Ben as a man who was in way over his head when it came to these abilities, growing more and more addicted to his ever-increasing power and, ultimately, spiraling toward self-destruction. In this issue, that seems to be no longer a problem, or at least not an imminent threat.

The real people with too much power are the corporate powers-that-be who are overseeing this operation. Whereas before, Ben’s powers were portrayed as making him practically a god, now he’s the David to their Goliath. The themes of self-destructive power, spiraling out of control, might resurface in the next issue, but, for now, Ben is a benevolent superhero. The city and its resources are a part of him, and he wields them to find the truth and protect the innocent.

There’s plenty of great action in this issue, as well as some clever uses of Ben’s abilities. A few of the things he’s able to do seem like a bit of a stretch, though. The link in Ben’s mind allows him to control anything that’s connected to “the city’s network,” just by thinking it; however, that network includes a lot of things that don’t seem like they could actually be accessed remotely. The story takes place in the near future, though, so who knows what systems they’ve got connected and automated.

All-in-all, there’s enough fun and adventure here to hold our interest and make us look forward to the next issue.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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