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‘Feeding Mr. Baldwin:’ Film Review

Many of the jokes and scenes in Feeding Mr. Baldwin are in pretty bad taste. Those also happen to be the jokes that are the funniest. The entire movie is one big comedy of errors—where the errors involve disposing of dead bodies.

This dark comedy centers around Drew (Dalton Leeb), a young go-getter who’s been given the opportunity of a lifetime: house sitting for Lance Bryant (Christopher B. Duncan), one of the richest and most powerful men in town and author of a motivational book that offers readers the keys to success in life. Drew hopes to experience some of that success up close, as Lance has offered him a prominent position in his organization if he handles the weekend house sitting job satisfactorily, and nothing goes wrong. So, of course, things go wrong. Very, extremely, spectacularly wrong.

The first thing that happens is that a dead body is delivered to the door. And, the situation just keeps going downhill from there, as more and more people come to the door for increasingly bizarre reasons, all looking for Lance.

Drew is not always an easy character to like, particularly when he ropes his best friend from high school (whom he hasn’t seen in years) into helping him out of his predicament, and yet continually treats him like dirt. But, gradually, he has a good character arc, so you can’t hate him too much, or for too long.

Some of the bizarre characters that parade through Lance Bryant’s home work better than others. Lance himself is the best. Duncan’s performance is perfect, and often quite funny, as he plays the foul-mouthed, uber-driven businessman who sets all of these events in motion. Also funny, though more than a bit strange, is Spencer, Lance’s nosy neighbor. Less effective is the overzealous security guard who (like most of the rest of the people coming through) may well ruin everything for the protagonists if he only looks in the wrong place. His character is a little weird, but maybe not weird enough, and ultimately, the humor falls flat.

Still, he’s only a minor character, and there are plenty of other things that work about this movie. In addition to the funny scenes and crazy characters, the story is also worth mentioning, mainly because it’s unexpected. It takes us in a number of directions we never would have guessed and is ultimately surprising but satisfying.

This is definitely not a movie for everyone. It’s vulgar, it’s violent, and, at times, it’s just downright icky; however, if you’re the sort of person who can get a laugh out of vulgar, violent, and downright icky, then this is a fun and entertaining film.



Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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