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DWF 2013: ‘ReCalculating’ – Advance Film Review



ReCalculatingReCalculating, which was screened at the Dances With Films independent film festival in Hollywood on Sunday, is a funny, lighthearted short film that provides a wry look at our society’s addiction to technology. It centers around Paul (Yuri Lowenthal, Ben 10), a young professional who’s looking for love, and lunch, with the help of his smartphone. His phone, however, seems to know better than he does what it is he actually needs. Think Siri with a sarcastic streak. She sends him on a quest through the streets of Los Angeles to find the perfect girl, Anna (Tara Platt, Lowenthal’s real-life wife). All the while, Paul remains exasperatingly oblivious.

The film is very funny, but also somewhat thoughtful, showing us a world of people who are too busy looking at their phones to notice what’s going on around them. The cast is all great, but the standout performance is, of course, Jennifer Lee Weaver as the voice of the phone. Her Siri is dead on, and you can hear the annoyance and frustration creeping into her voice as she tries to get Paul to stop simply following step-by-step instructions, and start actually listening to what she’s trying to say.

For anyone who has ever bumped into a wall while browsing on their iPhone, or wished there was an app to fix their life, ReCalculating is definitely worth a look.



Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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