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‘321: Fast Comics #2’ – Comic Book Review

You guys remember when I reviewed 321: Fast Comics months ago?  Of course you do.  I reviewed Issue #1 of the Kickstarter-funded 321: Fast Comics idea – each story is 3 pages long, there are 20 of them, and each one is a narrative that you could hear at a bar or a camp fire.

Anywho – as the skeptic of the crew, I expected to hate it. I planned all kinds of sarcastic stuff and some really biting comments about the Sesame Street mentality of society and how we can’t focus . . . and instead I liked it.  Dogs and cats lived together, and I gushed about how this baby was put together and how cool the content was!  The art tended to be good, the stories tended to be good – and like all short stories, either they were okay or they were awesome.  Since they were only 3 pages each, the awesome stories completely out-weighed the bad and the thing was cool.  Why was it cool?  Because the authors and artists could take crazy risks and do stuff no one else did.  Some of them did that.  It was good.

I imagine that, based on my review, the creators who put this together decided to continue the trend.  So many people read my review that the artists got smarter.  They got artier.  They got better.  And, the second issue is qualitatively better than the first.  And, I loved the first.

Issue #2 is incredible.  It’s as if the best artists and writers around wanted to prove that they should be picked up by Marvel or DC or Image and put their best art and best ideas forward. 

Is it amazing?  Not 100%, no.  Some of the stories (a minority) didn’t resonate with me. The rest did.  This series is pretty awesome.  Basically, this series is attracting the new talent of comics, and they’re going crazy with fun/cool ideas.  So, if you want the first (written) idea of your favorite artist, you should buy this and wait – there is a solid chance that your new favorite artist is in this book.

Check it out.  It’s fun.  It’s cool.  It broadens your view of what comics could be.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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