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‘Plutona #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

So (maybe) a slightly new idea, and that’s cool, right?  The new Plutona series is written for the fractured children of society.  The false bullies who are actually just sad, little boys, the tough girls who are family-loving, wanna-be-cool poser, the chubby girl who is secretly cool but no one realizes it.  This book resonated with me – as unbelievable as this is, I, too, am imperfect!  If you’re imperfect, too, maybe you should check out this comic.  If, on the other hand, you’re a “Captain Hammer,” maybe you should stick with Superman or Captain Marvel.

What’s it about?  Well, it’s hard to tell – it’s the first comic, after all.  This is what I suspect.  Some troubled kids (See imperfect comments above.), through a series of coincidences, come across a fallen superheroine.  And, she seems A) pretty f’d up and B) pretty powerful.  There is the usual character development, so you can empathize with child of your choice. (See above for the list, and add the socially awkward younger brother.)

In the other side of the story, our superhero is a single mom who works too hard and is struggling with the idea of being a superhero instead of being a good mom.  Then, she goes on a mission . . . and I suspect (STRONGLY) it might not go well.

I have to be honest – this isn’t a new idea.  Starting with The Greatest American Hero and continuing through Moon Knight and even Batman (at times), the ‘common people’ story is a good one.  We empathize with the non-superpowered folks as they rise out the muck and do the right thing (often at great cost).  At least I do.  So, is this comic for you?  Yep – if you’re tired of Superman winning every fight and Batman beating the crap out of someone dumber and poorer than him . . . then read this.  It’ll likely end up with kids sacrificing, and hopefully winning.  These stories are always good.

Also, the art is good, and writing is good – but you should expect that from the good folks at Image Comics.

I think I’ll buy #2 and #3 . . . we’ll see what they do.  If you’re faced with Superfluous Spider-Man #1 or Sickly Strong Superman #1, then perhaps you should step off the mainstream path and see how the other half (non-supers) live – assuming you can afford only one of the three #1s on offer.  It’ll give you much needed depth.  For the rest of you (who might not need the depth), check out the new title.  I think it could be pretty good.

I love talking to you.  It just takes a load off.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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