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‘Cluster #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This comic is so cool. It’s got everything I like in a comic. (Well, almost – I guess cover art by Grimm Fairy Tales is too much to ask for – but still.) What, you ask, does this comic have?

1) Girl heroes. I (you, we, everyone) loves a girl hero. They tend to dress in skimpier clothes, get to be more bad-assed than the boy hero, and need to be clever, because they’ve got smaller biceps that us manly men.

2) The girl heroes are ANTI-HEROS! These are the best kind – they’re all tough and have a mean streak and combine the fun of Suicide Squad with the raw charisma of Vin Diesel in, well, everything he’s in.

3) Sci-Fi! – Yep, this story is taking place on another planet, after 2 years of cryo-sleep . . . with sci-fi ships, guns, and bad guys. And, even alien comrades! Yes!!!!

4) They’re prisoners!!!! Yep – this comic is The Running Game vs. Battle Royale vs. Starship Troopers. If Hollywood ever made a movie that wasn’t a reboot of something else, and instead created something awesome – it would be this.

But, I digress. Cluster is the BOOM! Comic written by Ed Brisson (of Secret Avengers lore). Real strong name here. Anyway, this is just the first comic in the series, and it doesn’t get too far – but it gets far enough along that I’ll actually buy this comic (truly) in hard copy form, because it’s good . . . and I think it’ll actually go somewhere. If cards are played correctly, this is not a 10+/- run comic, it’s a new series, a la The Walking Dead or Kick-Ass. (I’m saying I predict a long run of this comic.)

I think I’ve given away enough of the plotline in my list of 4 above, so you’re not getting much more from me on that score. What you will get is a little more to entice you. Our artist is Damian Couciero (of Rise of the Planet of the Apes), and it’s good. When you read Conan, you want grit and colors outside of the lines, and basically dirty art, but when you read sci-fi, you want it clean, with cool colors. You want the images to transport you to the new place/time/whatever – Couciero transports us very nicely.

So, people – if you like Mass Effect, Starship Troopers, Star Wars, Star Trek, Running Man, and a myriad of other sci-fi ideas/comics/movies/books . . .  you’ll love this comic. If you’re not familiar with my list of things you might have loved, you should read this comic to develop a foundation of sci-fi, because you’re in desperate need.

See you on the other side.


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