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‘Furious Volume 1: Fallen Star’ – Advance TPB Review

I just finished Dark Horse’s new trade paperback, Furious, and I gotta say – it’s pretty damn good.  I’ll get into why in a bit.  First, a nod to our creators: art by Victor Santos – hopefully, you know his name by now.  If not, get with the times, because this guy is the real deal.  He’s worked on any number of impressive books, but Mice Templar might ring a bell.  I mention this comic, because the writer of Furious is none other than the writer and founder of Mice Templar, Bryan J. L. Glass.  I forgive him his second middle initial (barely), because he is so goddamned talented.

So, yep – the dream team decides to put the band back together again – I imagine with some backing from Dark Horse – and they come up with this little doozy?  What is it, you ask?  I asked the same thing – and judging by the cover, I expected a sugar-snapping bubble gum of a book that knocks me into a sugar coma of boredom.  It wasn’t that, so don’t judge this little baby’s cover . . . there is something significant to this book.

Spoiler alerts?  Maybe super minor ones.  I won’t give the good stuff away.  You know that girl who is a freaking menace in your life?  I mean the one who you would normally laugh at, because she drops/breaks/falls/trips/whatever accident things all the time . . . but her act has moved on from being funny or even awkward to straight up sad?  Yep – that’s our fearless hero.

You know that time when your kid sister took your favorite GI Joe guy and “accidentally” blew off his arm?  This was right after you promised to turn the other cheek and always be nice, but, instead, you hot-boxed her for 20 minutes and then messily ate crackers in her bed while she ran around crying?  Yeah, our fearless hero has some rage issues (or a lot of them) . . . in spite of her REALLY trying to be a nice person.

You know that time when you were someone that everyone knew and kind of maybe hated, because you might have been awful, so you went on the lamb to try to rebuild a different (better) life for yourself?

Yeah, so . . .

. . . enter Beacon, the (our) hero of Furious, the new creation of Bryan J.L. Glass.  I’m curious to see if this comic ends in tragedy, redemption, humor, or a wonderfully twisted Neopoliton flavored mixture. (Strawberry is the funny part.)

Dear reader, this comic is written by an up-and-coming demigod of comics.  The story is compelling, and the art is good.  Plus, it’s backed by Dark Horse.  You have two choices: 1) buy it, read it, and be less of a bad person; or 2) the other choice.

You decide.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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