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‘Job Dun: Fat Assassin’ – Comic Book Review

This comic is not for small children!  Adolescents?  Yep.  Twenty-somethings and up?  Yep.  Small children?  It probably won’t do much harm, because this comic has references and art that are so over the top that the little tykes won’t even know what they’re seeing (or reading).

Describing this comic will be hard.

Okay. So, imagine a sci-fi world (Think space travel and all kinds of virtual reality tech.) that has become 100% completely obsessed with sex, with some violence thrown in . . . so a dystopic world of bodily fluid stains and porn.  Then, make it a utopia for 13-year-old boys.  Same world?  If you’re imagining the same world, we’re on the same page. That’s where this comic takes place.

Our fearless (anti) hero, Job Dun, is an assassin/bounty hunter who gets the job of a lifetime from a sassy and beautiful doll.  The job is simple . . . or is it?  Like all gumshoe stories, she is likely much more than meets the eye (You do see a lot of her, though.), and the job is more complicated than we initially thought.  Overall, is it the newest, most original story?  No (at least not yet).  It is, however, immersive. Why?

Because the dialogue.  This is the sci-fi sex comic version of Trainspotting.  That is, I had to re-read it once, because the 1st half made no sense to me on account of the fact that I didn’t speak the slanguage yet.  Once I got it, I got it – and all was well, but when you are forced to learn a new lexicon just to stay in tune with a comic . . . you’re immersed.  Which I was.

Is it worth buying?  Depends.  If you’re like me and Tyler Durden, sometimes you want to destroy something beautiful.  Sometimes, a little bit of grotesque is just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes, you need to see a world dirtier than this one in order to not hate this one (or something like that – I’m no philosopher).  Anyway, if you’re like me and Tyler, then you might just love this comic.  I did – but that’s because it’s smart, the art is good, and, sometimes, I want some moonshine instead of the single-malt.  This comic is the moonshine of comics. You’ll like it, but it may burn.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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