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‘Black Dynamite #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m going to do something different with this review.  I’ll write it using only quotes from Black Dynamite #2.  This should give you all the reason in the world to buy it. (Anything in italics is from the comic.)

Because, y’all Star children need to get out a grown man’s way.

Black Dynamite, you look ready to take over the world. But, that s–t don’t never last – under the prison.  Black Dynamite, help the Illuminati light the way. For the *cough predominately white.But, y’all revealed your nefarious plan for world domination to the wrong brother . . .

So . . .

Tell my wife I… – BABOOM!   Son of A- . . . KABOOM! God, you’re good. BLOCK, BASH, CRUNCH.

But, before shipping out on a mission, make sure you stop and smell the indigenous flowers.  By flowers, he meant hot girls.  With afros.

Yeah.  So, that’s a preview.  It’s amazing.  Watch the movie. Read #1.  Buy the variants.  This guy (Black Dynamite)is simply incredibly entertaining.  This comic? It’s blacksploitation of the ’70s with millennial ideas, ideals, and sense of humor.

Yeah, I know.  It’s a REALLY short review, but there isn’t much more to write about Black Dynamite except: He’s a powder keg of black fury that’s about to explode.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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