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‘Veil #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Ever wonder what would happen if Superman were bitten by a vampire? Or if Rogue drained all of the power from Galactus?  Maybe you wonder what Hellboy would be like after some Super Serum?  Yeah, those are cool ideas.  I suspect we’re about to get something like that in Veil #3.

The comic, by Grug Rucka (He’s incredible and wrote everything.) and Toni Fejzula (Artist – super talented, btw.), started with us wondering where this hot, naked chick came from after she dropped into the big city. (Manhattan?)  The 2nd issue showed her flexing her muscles a bit, as she can do stuff like make people commit suicide/murder and control rats (much like my boss . . . ).  But, she’s still hot and actually seems rather nice . . . at least she’s not actually evil.  Also, we’re introduced to some crazy magic guy who seems badass in that he melts people and he is definitely the reason why she’s arrived from . . . somewhere.

The third issue, as expected, delivers with mayhem, magic and . . . mayhem.  (I ran out of ‘M’ words.)  Anyway, we can’t hate the magician for the sake of magic, but we can hate the evil corporation which hired him.  So, let’s do that.  Now, we have the characters: sketchy (Bad?) magician, sketchy (bad) corporation, and sexy (bad in a Michael Jackson kind of way) stranger. 

Greg Rucka and Toni Fejzula continue to tell this tale in an amazing way.  The art continues to be freaking incredible (Seriously, lots of print-worthy images in here.), and Rucka’s minimalistic writing style captures an atmosphere of dread darkness.  This comic is really, really good.

Oh, and to come full circle from my intro, I’m pretty sure our fearless chick of badassery is about to get turbo-demonized.  This makes you (and me) happy, because we often do wonder what would happen if you take a hard-core character and make them hard-core-er-er.  She may not be Superman or Rogue, but I’m curious to see what happens once she’s fully supercharged.  Should be good.

If you read #1 and #2, then you plan to read #3, and I don’t know why you’re reading this.  If you haven’t read #1 and #2, this comic (and Loki’s Ragnorak and Roll) is critical for you to catch up on.  You don’t want to be the only kid at school who hasn’t read this, because then I’ll bully you.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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