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‘Dexter’s Laboratory #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review (The Tell Tale Nerd?)

There is this person at work.  You probably have someone like this at your job.  Yeah, she’s the Anti-Christ.  A combination of Dolores Umbridge and Lucifer, she is the epitome of efficiency with thought and movement.  Every action (or inaction) that she takes is meant to cause my downfall.  I’m not even being dramatic – it’s just the way it is.  She’s bad.

Anyway, apparently, Dexter has similar thoughts about his sister, Dee.  In Dexter’s Laboratory #1, we see our socially delayed young genius at the cusp of a great discovery, only to be “accidentally” thwarted by his sister.  I feel for the little guy.  Anyway, he has an idea so aggressive, so ‘out there,’ that I find myself a little uncomfortable with his Final Solution to Dee.

Anyway, I can’t spoil any more than I already have, otherwise, I’ll get in trouble again.  So, that’s your synopsis.  My thoughts on the whole thing?  Well, putting aside some pretty popular theories about Dexter’s developmental state (Where on the Autism spectrum is he, exactly?) and theories about Dee being a God or saving the world over and over again . . . or even of theories of Dee being the genius and Dexter being the dud.  Putting all of that aside, I found #1 to be a bit adult for my tastes.  Maybe it’s because I’m older and mellower, but I think the Final Solution for Dee is a bit out of character for Dex.  Heck, in several TV episodes he evenbreaks through his anti-social shell and expresses love for his sister.  I’m curious to see if Issue #2 mellows this out or comes out with a punchline or a life lesson for our lilliputian genius. I imagine it’ll be a nice, happy thing, and all of my angst will drift away.  I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, all of that aside, Dexter’s Laboratory is a pretty incredible steed in the stable of imagination for an entire generation.  I’m sure I’ll get over my cognitive dissonance regarding Dexter’s new fascination with sororicide . . . in the meantime, if you don’t know of Dexter’s Laboratory, you’re dumb.  Buy this comic (or better yet, watch episodes on the ‘net first – then buy this comic) and discover why a generation or two loved this guy and his quirky family.  If you DO know Dexter, I recommend giving this comic a shot.  It’s a little dark in the first issue but have faith.  Plus, the first issue is the one that’ll be worth the big bucks, so you kind of have to buy it.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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