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‘Star Mage #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I skipped dinner tonight and am extra hungry.  I’ve been fantasizing about meatloaf and mac ‘n cheese and lasagna, and I could go on and on.  I won’t, because it’s late and I’m feeling compassionate (to you).  Bottom line is, a plate of everything sounds pretty good right about now.  Instead of eating tonight, I read Star Mage #1, the new IDW comic created by JC De La Torre with art by Ray Dillon.  It’s not half bad. If you want a big, ol’ plate of lasagna, mac ‘n cheese, and meatloaf, this could be just what you’re looking for.

Don’t get the metaphor?  Allow me to explain:  This story is all about Darien Connors.  He’s an adolescent who is, apparently, super good at science. (He’s asked to teach the love interest about singularities.)  He’s bullied by a football star and somehow has the attention (the romantical kind) of the hottest girl in school.  I’m not sure about you, but all of this seems a little familiar. Okay, a lot.  I mean, it’s basically Peter Parker. (Spoiler alert: Star Mage’s main character may develop some skills at some point – duh.)  I see this as the mac ‘n cheese on my plate (because we all find great comfort in Spider-Man, just like mac ‘n cheese).

Then, where does the lasagna come from?  Easy – turns out our little hero has hidden potential he’s inherited from his absent parental units.  Big, hidden potential.  A stranger shows up and opens a whole new world of possibility (and it’s a bit scary).  All he needs is an owl and a scar, and we’re channeling our buddy ‘Arry Potter!  This is the lasagna I was referring to, and I like lasagna.  It goes rather well with mac ‘n cheese, if you can handle the massive carb loading.  I know I can.

Finally, we’ve got the meatloaf. Not everyone loves the meatloaf, but I happen to love the stuff.  Our young hero seems to be set up as the prodigal hero of his race, which is at war with (supposedly) another race.  He’s got the whole species looking for him to win.  And, he’s a kid.  So, our dear, young Ender (Ahem – I mean Darien.) is set to figure it out and, hopefully, excel under pressure.  I love me some Ender Wiggin, but not everyone else does – so this, of course, is the meatloaf.

Do you like meatloaf and lasagna and mac ‘n cheese?  If so, this comic could be for you.  I like it, and the comic is good.  But, for those of you looking for some flambé shizzle-tastic top chef of iron craziness, this ain’t it.  It’s for us simple folk, or at least for us folk who sometimes like a bit of familiarity. If you’re one of us, you’ll like this comic.


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