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‘Psycho Gran #1:’ Comic Book Review (In Lieu of Whiskey)

Not many of you know this about me, but I have this crazy corporate gig.  I wear a suit.  I arrive by 8 a.m., and I often work past 7 p.m.   As a result of this, I have the knowledge of the exact price the my soul goes for on any given day . . . and if it wasn’t so damn corrupted, I’d say I’m selling it at a bargain.  Today was just like the last several hundred days before; it was as if someone had sucked the dregs (all that’s left) of my soul out of my ear with a sharpened metal Capri Sun straw.

Normally, I’d come home and have a drink or 30.  What’s the point of selling out if you can’t buy scotch to make it all better, right?  Well, as a result of another ridiculous story, I don’t drink (much) anymore.  So, every night my poor, battered brain is cognizant of the emotional rape that I underwent that day.  Over and over, night after night.  It’s awesome.

Depressed yet?  Don’t be.  I found a solution.  Turns out there is a new comic called Psycho Gran that was just (re)released by Titan Comics that just tickles the sadistic funny bone, thus relieving some of the murderous rage/pressure of another day in the office.

This comic, written by David Manley Leach and arted by David Manley Leach and colored by David Manley Leach (Yep.), is not going to compete with Marvel for the most complex storyline across 18 titles.  It’s not going to compete with Grimm Fairy Tales (Zenescape) for hottest hottie in a bikini.  It’s not going to compete with any of the Batman lines for shadowiest storyline of angst.  Instead, David Manley Leach (He’s done lots of impressive Marvel stuff in the UK. Also, he has a love affair with Psycho Gran spanning decades.) serves up an intoxicating brew of over-the-top, gross, sadistic, and ‘eww’-inducing goodness which simply makes the pain of the day go away.

Yep – you’re reading it right.  This reviewer says that Pyscho Gran is not thought-provoking, the art (although good) is not earth shattering, and the jokes are not high-brow.  So, read this when you want to see something die (in a funny way).  Peruse it when you need a fart joke.  Absorb it when the only thing that will make you feel better is seeing a cute, little old lady melt a guy’s head with her death gaze.  In other words, I recommend reading this comic Monday through Friday (with some weekends).

Overall, this comic is simply fun.  I recommend it if you’re not a big, ol’ snob and you want a chuckle.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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