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‘The Fallen #1:’ Comic Book Review

For lunch today, I had French food – sausages and gravy with some fries.  And, it was so good.  For dinner, I had me some leftover Chinese smothered in Sriracha.  That was awesome, too.  But, you know what probably wouldn’t taste good?  French sausages and fries, mixed with leftover Chinese food with lots of Sriracha.  You just don’t mix those things, because some things just shouldn’t be mixed.  I’ll come back to mixing foods in a bit.  Wait for it.

The Fallen is a new comic by Monkeybrain Comics, a (relatively) new line of comics (created in 2012) that has turned out to be pretty freaking successful (prolly ‘cause they publish a crap-ton of very high quality comics).  I’m sayin’ they’re a contender.

So, The Fallen is the whole post-apocalyptic thing where 1) superheroes/supervillains may have destroyed the world, 2) the world is taken over by fast zombie things, and 3) we’re following the story of a few retired superheroes as they undertake a journey through the wasteland of America.  Yeah.  So, we’re mixing the following: 1) Kingdom Come, Age of Apocalypse, Marvel Zombies; 2) 28 Days and Weeks Later, World War Z; and3) Old Man Logan, The Road, The Last of Us. Pretty much all of the titles I just listed (except 28 weeks later, maybe?) are awesome in their own right.  But, can you mix them?  Putting Kingdom Come, Old Man Logan, and World War Z together?  You may as well mix leftover Chinese and French sausages.

In other words, it’s awesome.  Seriously, much like the TV show The Walking Dead, the writers of this comic could totally destroy it, but so far so good, and I think it’ll stay that way!  The writer (and co-editor) of this little, fusion mix of incredibleness is Alex De-Guchy, perhaps best known for writing a bunch of titles from MonkeyBrain since 2010, including Dead Men, Horror Haikus, and The Gathering.  I gotta be honest, I don’t know this guy, but I love what I’ve read so far.  The art by Michael Montenat and Ron Riley (with lettering by Dave Acosta) is solid – more or less the same as Marvel these days . . . clean and crisp.

So, why are you going to read this comic?  Probably because who in their right mind wouldn’t have French sausages and Chinese food slathered with Sriracha?  The answer? No one.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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