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‘Apocalypse Al #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Y’all read the last review of Apocalypse Al that I wrote, right?  Issue #1?  What with me whining that I can’t afford to collect another comic, and here I am all in love and shizzle?  Well, I just read the 2nd comic of the four-part series, and the story has changed.  So, get ready for a consistent review of me raving about the ridiculously entertaining series.

You already know the story, right?  Al (short for Allison) is a PI focused on apocalyptic disasters and averting them; so far, the only interactions she’s had are mystical in some form or other (e.g., zombies, demons, internet demons, imps, etc.), but I could see her next mini-series including aliens, time travelers, and mutated bad guys.  Anyway, 2nd comic – as all four comics of this series are – is focused on a guy who is trying to open a doorway to hell and destroy the planet.

Why is the 2nd comic great?  Because it solidifies all of my theories from the first comic, and I love being right a whole lot.  I’ve thought it out – Al is an exceptionally hot (exceptionally) tomboy action hero.  Her personality is a cross between John Constantine and Ford Farlane, but here is where the guys in comic #2 get really smart . . . the secondary characters!

Ultimate Darkness: pretty much an all-powerful demon who is (of course) the CEO of a giant multinational.  Yeah, for those who watched Constantine, this might be familiar, ut that does not make it any less great.  What makes it even greater?  This bad guy is actually on her side . . . which brings me to the NEXT thing that makes this comic great!

Blurred lines.  Yep, jokes about date rape, demons that are fighting for the world, imps that are having the time of their lives in a mustang with a machine gun . . . bad things are funny in this comic.   The comic takes it a step further even and introduces the idea that the bad guys have a hell of a lot more fun than the good guys.

So, why should you continue reading the series, or, if you missed #1, why are you combing the back issue isle to find #1 and catch up?  Because this series is freaking fun.  It’s an amalgamation of a lot of (incomplete) good ideas (Constantine, Anti-Heroes, Oversexed Tomboy Heroes, Blurred Lines of Good and Evil, Oversexed Tomboy Heroes) in one clean, complete package . . . and it’s a series of only 4, so the economic, emotional, and intellectual investment is low enough that even you, dear reader, could get behind this.

So, stop reading this and get back to the comic.

We should have these conversations more often.

Simply Jack, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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